8 Reasons for practicing oil pulling
“Oil pulling” or “oil swishing” is an ancient Ayurvedic technique, touted by yogis as a natural way to strengthen the immune system by killing toxic yeast that makes its way from your stomach to mouth while you sleep. It consist in putting a teaspoon of oil in your mouth (traditionally, the Indians used other oils such as sesame oil) then swishing and pulling it between your teeth for 10 - 20 minutes. 
The main benefit of doing this, is that it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

There are thousands of different types of bacteria in the mouth. Some of them are good, and the mayority are not.

Oil pulling has an interesting list of benefits, here below you can read some of them:

- Elevated mood.
- Feeling more alert.
- Increased energy.
- Whitens teeth.
- Strengthens your gums,teeth & jaw.
- Helps with sleep issues.
- Clears out your sinuses & helps allergy sufferers.
- Less dehydrated.

…and much others.